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EEOC Files Complaint Against New York Firm for Religious Discrimination

Mandatory quasi-religious practices enforced by an employer came under fire by the EEOC in a complaint that alleges the following: Defendants in the case required employees to participate in “Harnessing Happiness” programs, commonly referred to as “Onionhead.” Those employed by the defendants were required to light candles, pray and discuss personal matters with co-workers and management. Among… Read more »

Protecting Yourself from Retaliation

Federal and state law protects employees from retaliation for pursuing employment discrimination and sexual harassment claims or participating in the investigatory process. However, employees still need to tread carefully to avoid the common traps laid by some unscrupulous employers. Recent court decisions have made it easier for employers to defend retaliation claims. In June 2013,… Read more »

Sexual Harassment in Grad School

Graduate students often end up treading the line between student and employee. While they take positions assisting professors and teaching undergraduates as part of extending their education — and often receive payment for their work — they are first and foremost students who count on a collegial or at least civil learning environment as they… Read more »

Supreme Court to (Re)Define Supervisor for Purposes of Employment Discrimination Law

We all know the situation: One person — maybe someone in HR or higher up in management —hires you and has the power to fire you. But someone else has charge of your day-to-day work experience. Sometimes, the position arises informally, like when someone who has been on staff for years when you just arrived… Read more »

FedEx Pays $3 Million to Settle Unusual Employment Discrimination Case With the Federal Government

In March 2012, the United States Department of Labor announced it had reached an agreement with shipping giant FedEx in which the company would pay $3 million to the federal government to settle charges of discriminatory hiring practices. Additionally, FedEx agreed to: Take significant steps to eliminate discrimination from its hiring processes Develop and implement… Read more »

What to Do When You Want to File a Discrimination Claim

You believe that you are the victim of discrimination in the workplace. What should you do? As a preliminary step, review New York State and New York City laws. Combined, these laws cover nearly every form of discrimination. Unless your discrimination complaint arises from one of the few areas covered by city law but not… Read more »

Favoritism as Discrimination

This scenario has to be familiar to a many minorities in highly competitive, high-skills jobs: When you first start out at work, everything seems great. Sure, you may be one of very few black people/Asian people/women/gay people at your job, but everyone treats you well and you get assigned lots of interesting projects. Then the… Read more »

Defining Gender Identity Discrimination

Gender identity discrimination occurs when someone treats you differently or unfairly because of your gender identity. Examples of workplace gender identity discrimination can include: Losing your job when your employer discovers your plans to undergo a sex reassignment operation Facing harassment, teasing or worse because your employer or co-workers discover that you cross-dress outside of… Read more »

What to do if your employer treats you differently as a result of your pregnancy?

The New York Employment Law Blog | Pregnancy Discrimination Generally, we think of pregnancy discrimination as occurring when women face harassment or ridicule because of a pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions. But given the broad scope of federal, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania state and local laws prohibiting pregnancy discrimination, it is important to consider… Read more »

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