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Common Sense Says You Should Not Be Judged By Your Weight, But Is it Against the Law?

Extra weight does not affect a person’s intellect, work ethic or professionalism. Yet, overweight workers often face pervasive employment discrimination. Sadly, in many instances, the discrimination is tolerated. Unjustly, the laws offer little recourse. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) reports the following: “Unfortunately, weight bias remains very socially acceptable in North American culture; it is… Read more »

What Would You Do With $431,000? — That is How Much the Average Woman Loses Because of the Gender Wage Gap

The White House site quotes President Barack Obama, “Women make up about half our workforce. But they make $0.77 for every $1 a man makes. That’s wrong.” But what does this blatant gender discrimination really mean for women over a lifetime? Consider the following statistics, as reported by the White House: A full-time working 25-year old… Read more »

Gender Discrimination: Does the Wage Gap Endure?

The Obama administration is pushing for the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act — a law that is designed to make wage differences between men and women in the workforce more transparent. The proposal comes approximately 50 years after President Kennedy passed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 to address the issue of wage disparity… Read more »

Taking a Step Forward: Transgender Anti-Discrimination Law in New York

Last year, as four times previously, the New York State Assembly passed the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). And, just like the last four times the Assembly passed GENDA over the past decade — an anti-discrimination law that would add “gender identity and expression” to the existing New York State Human Rights Law — the… Read more »

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